FIT IS A FEELING A feeling like no other… Shopping for swimwear is no easy feat. At Seafolly, we know you’re not just a number or a size. We know it’s about your shape, your style and what you do in your swim. Fit is a feeling! Feel for yourself.

Fit is a feeling series

Shop by shape and channel your inner Seafolly spirit.
Wear with confidence on and off the sand.


Long lines and minimal fuss so you can move, swim and smile. These cuts allow the real you to shine through and transforms any vulnerabilities into confidence.


Made to flatter every figure, these are the styles you can always rely on, featuring considered lines and materials to praise every beach body.


Contoured shapes that believe in you so you can too. Designed to grace your curves and keep you secure, discover the pieces you won’t be able to beach, swim and live without.


Styles that support not shadow, highlight not hide. These pieces have been consciously designed with your body in mind, so you can feel comfortable, secure and stylish!

The Seafolly Coverage Spectrum

Whether you are looking to reveal or conceal, the Seafolly Coverage Spectrum has you covered (or uncovered). This is your guide to finding options that will make you feel confident and ready to have fun.
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You're Set!

Everything you didn’t know about finding the perfect bikini is right here in one centralised hub. Just like your best friend, the Seafolly YOUTUBE channel is here for you.
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