Recycled Fabric

We’ve grown up on pristine beaches, and we’re committed to protecting them. As a group of proud Australians within the global fashion space, we recognise the responsibility we hold in climate advocacy. We seek to instil agency in our Seafolly customer base to make ethical consumer choices, while we strive to provide product that leads the sustainability standard in swim. Each season we release a collection comprised of recycled nylon, to lighten our footprint and lessen our impact. We believe in reducing landfill waste with a swimsuit of quality – Seafolly is made-to-last and refuses to quit. We’re dedicated to providing our community with swimwear that reflects their values and empowers them the same.

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    Recycled Nylon

    Recycled Nylon is a strong yet flexible fabric that allows stretch and support alike. This lightweight fabric is mostly produced from fishing nets in the ocean, helping to eliminate waste from our coasts. The use of recycled nylon reduces landfill waste and utilises fewer resources than standard nylon, which relies on fossil fuels, water and energy. Our Recycled range therefore uses less petroleum and reduces our overall CO2 emissions.

  • Quality Fabric

    Reusable Calico Satchels

    In 2020, we have replaced our plastic online delivery satchels with re-usable calico bikini bags. With care instructions printed on the front, this Seafolly satchel will encourage you to tend for your swim and extend its life through care. Calico is a natural fibre; unbleached and relatively unprocessed. It is both biodegradable and non-toxic, and entirely cruelty-free. You certainly can feel proud to pack this bikini bag. We are proud to produce it.

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    Compostable Shipping Satchels

    Every online delivery is dispatched in a biodegradable, compostable shipping satchel. We’ve made the choice to swap our traditional packaging for earth-friendly courier bags, ensuring your order arrives safely and sustainably. Engineered to be tear resistant and waterproof from corn starch derivative, you can pop this satchel straight in the compost to break down within 180 days.