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In the summer of 1975, Seafolly’s founder, Peter Halas’ folly was to follow his heart and start his own swimwear company in Sydney’s Bondi Beach in Australia. Luck would have it, his first international customer in France fell in love with both the product and the ‘folly’ behind the name, saying it had an aura around it…playful, light, different and a bit crazy…just like Australians. Within a few years, Peter’s Folly took off and the brand Seafolly was born.

Seafolly has always been ahead of the curve, defining generations of summer ever since 1975. When other brands sold in sets, it was Seafolly who made separates, giving women the chance to own their style. When the 80’s lycra trend hit the world, it was Seafolly who adapted it first into swim. When new models emerged onto the scene, it was Seafolly who discovered them and made them famous as faces of the brand.

Seafolly Today

  • 120+ employees

    The team at Seafolly, based in Sydney, NSW, Australia includes Design, Product, Marketing, Sales, IT, Finance, Supply Chain and Retail Staff.

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  • 28 Stores

    There are 28 Seafolly concept stores globally, 24 in Australia and 4 in Singapore.

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  • 41 Countries

    Seafolly is sold in over 2700 locations globally including major retailers and online sites.

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Our mission is to make a positive difference in the way women feel about themselves, using what is true to our product and our way of living. We are here to support women. Just like our cossies, we lift them up and hold them tight.

Our premium swimwear, apparel and accessories collections are sold year-round in Seafolly Concept stores, seafolly.com and in select retailers in over 40 countries, attracting a loyal following of beautiful, confident women all over the world.

A collection of Seafolly faces through the years.